Optical Centers / Pupillary Distance (PD)

If you do not have the PD, you can measure it as shown below:

The PD or Pupillary Distance is the distance between the pupils of the eyes, center to center, in millimeters.

Most people have a PD between 54mm and 74mm.Select your PD value from the drop down to show only frames that will work for you.Your optometrist should have given you your PD value as part of your prescription. If you received two values (such as 31/32), they will be the distances from the center of the nose to each eye. Add them together to get the single PD value (31 32=63).

Sometimes you may receive two PD numbers that are off by a value of 3mm (such as 62/59). The larger value is the distance PD, which is what you will normally need for our site. The smaller value is used only for ordering reading glasses.If your most recent eye exam did not include the PD value, but a previous one did, you can use the previous value.

This does not change over time (except for children, of course).While an optometrist’s PD value is always recommended, you can get this measurement yourself. Have a friend or family member measure it by holding a ruler just below your eyes and measure the distance in mm from center to center.

Make sure you are not looking at the person, but focusing straight ahead off in the distance, and keep your eyes steady. Take a few measurements for consistency.

Do not ever try to guess your PD value, or try to measure anything on your current glasses, since there is no way to measure your PD from them.

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