How To Obtain My Prescription?

You can obtain your eye prescription from your local optician or your eye doctor. The doctor will provide you the details of your eye prescriptions for you to use when ordering your prescription glasses or contact lenses.

How Do I Read My Prescription?

There are a few standard terms used by optician to indicate the prescription reading. Don’t be scared of the jargon as we have a quick guide to all the tricky terms:
OD = right eye
OS = left eye
SPH = sphere or power; a minus sign (–) means that you are nearsighted, while a plus sign (+) means you are farsighted
CYL = cylinder; the amount of astigmatism
ADD = the added magnifying power applied to the bottom part of multifocal lenses
PD = pupillary distance (the distance in between your pupils in millimeters)

How Do I Send My Prescription?

You can simply type in your prescription details on our website during the placing order process. Alternatively you can upload prescription as a file attachment, email it at [email protected] or give us a call or WhatsApp at +92-349-4941821 and our customer service team will take care of the rest.

I Made A Mistake Entering My Prescription. What Do I Do?

No worries, our customer service team is here to save the day. We’re just an email/call away and we always love hearing from you. E-mail it to us at [email protected] or give us a call at 0349-4941821

Can I Use My Contact Lens Prescription When Ordering Glasses?

Yes you can! Just remember to keep the prescription from your latest eye check ready and make sure you insert your PD (pupillary distance) upon ordering (which you don’t normally need to when you buy contact lenses).

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