How to choose the right lens?

CR-39 began the change of optical lenses from glass to plastic materials. It is lighter weight, more impact resistant than glass lenses; thus, becoming a popular type of material used in single vision, bifocal, and multifocal or progressive lenses.

Material is low price and easy to manufacture. It is often preferred by individuals on a tight budget. However, because of its 1.50 index, customers with high prescription powers are recommended to use higher index lenses such as 1.56, PC, 1.67, or 1.74 lenses.



  • Fragmentation: When plastic lens breaks, it breaks into larger fragments than their glass counterparts. Furthermore, the fragmented pieces are not as sharp as glass.
  • Fogging: CR39 lenses are less likely to fog-up than glass lenses because it responds more favorably to temperature changes.
  • Weight: Glass lenses are approximately 2X heavier than plastic lenses of similar size and shape. The lighter weight provides the wearer greater comfort.
  • Reflections: CR39 lenses have much lower internal reflection and surface glare than glass materials.
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